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Gloria Gaynor Feels Guilty For Causing So Many Breakups

The “I Will Survive” singer Gloria Gaynor feels responsible for inspiring breakups, she tells Page Six, after performing at the Angel Ball Tuesday. The bash was hosted by Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research founded by Denise Rich. “I have always said I sang that song for the ladies and the good men,” Gaynor said. “There are a lot of men out there that are not bad — but they just don’t know how to treat a lady. So we end up with these breakups because we need to be treated right.” Of the anthem in general she said: “I don’t think that my song is any more important today — but it just seems that way because women are more outspoken . . . we feel empowered to speak. That song gave women a voice in a man’s world. I never get tired of singing that song — I love it. I have used it in my own difficulties . . . When I need a pick-me up, that is my go-to song.” Has a song ever inspired you to dump a partner?

Full Story: Page Six

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