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Chris Brown Banned For Life From LifeTime

“By: SportsGuyMike – The Morning Boom Box” 

Chris Brown is at it again. TMZ  who broke the story, said, Brown was booted from the gym Friday after getting into it with a manager at the Lifetime Fitness Gym in NYC. His actions got him a, “Lifetime ban from Lifetime”.

According to TMZ, Chris and his crew were on the basketball courts playing loud music, cussing and hurling insults. Witnesses say a manager asked them to leave and Chris lost it … even spitting on the way out.

A Lifetime Fitness rep told TMZ he and his group have been banned permanently from the company’s 100 plus locations.

The rep says Chris’ actions, behavior and aggression toward their staff was completely unacceptable and they’ve got no place for it.

It’s not like this is the first time Chris Brown has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. He’s been in trouble for everything from gun charges to assault. A word of advice CB, in your situation, not all press is good press. Grow up and try acting like an adult instead of a petulant child. You’re a father now. What kind of example are setting for your daughter. We miss the old Chris Brown. If you see him, let him know his fans miss him.


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